POMs Rock the Coors Center at Fairview/Boulder Basketball games

Before a large and vocal crowd on Valentines Day at the CU Boulder Coors Center, the POMS brought out an entertaining Hip Hop routine to the delight of the crowd.  POMs danced at both the girls and boys halftimes, featured on the massive scoreboard screen. Big Time Baby!

POMs on the big screen!
A Pep Routine during a timeout
Celebrating a fantastic win!


Happy Valentines Day Ladies!  Final Dance of the Year!

POMs Volunteer at Boulder Ironman

Arriving at 4:15 in the morning of August 4th, the POMs helped with the smooth running of the Ironman Boulder.  Our station was to assist with the transition from swimming to biking, making sure that all helmets were on, and that the competitors got on their bikes properly.  It was amazing to watch these incredible athletes in action!

Nice job POMs!