About The BHS POMS


The BHS POMS have been demonstrating spirit through dance at Boulder High School for over 40 years.  This elite team of dancers perform at half time of home BHS Football and Basketball games and cheer on the sidelines at Soccer matches as well.  Their precision, skill and flair are a key component of Panther school spirit.

Each year, the POMS team competes in their own competitions at the district, regional, state, and national level. We love to travel and compete together to showcase our talent and bond as a team!

In addition to performances and competitions, the POMS are often involved in civic volunteer activities at events including the Bolder Boulder 10K race and IronMan Triathlon.

In addition to our performance, we value our family dynamic and team bond. We celebrate each other as often as possible with team dinners, sleepaway camps, amusement park days, movie nights, and more!

Most of the funds for their outfits, travel and competitions are paid for by donations and fundraisers.  You can support their efforts by sponsoring the team! Please contact nicole.harris@bvsd.org for more information.IMG_9707